First Aid at your location/venue


£500  1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work

£900  2 Day REC Outdoor First Aid

£900  2 Day First Aid at Work refresher/requalification

£1,250  3 Day First Aid at Work

I have been running courses for clients at their venues/places of work for many years, hopefully this page will answer your questions if you’ve not had me run a course for you before.

The above fees include certificates which are valid for three years, first aid booklets for the each learner and emergency procedure cards. The maximum number of learners I can have on a course is 12, there is no minimum. I will travel to run a course for you and include the first 60 miles (30 miles each way from LL34 6SP), after that I charge 45 pence per mile. If you are a long way from my location I might need to travel to you the evening before, or if it’s a multi-day course I might need to stay over, I am happy to stay in a more basic hotel or B&B so costs don’t get too much as accommodation is not included in my course cost.

What I need from you and your venue:

A comfortable venue which is warm in the winter and well ventilated in the summer with enough space for everyone to have enough room so we can practice some first aid inside. Power for my laptop and projector and a clear wall or screen to project onto. Facilities for hot drinks, toilets, parking for my car (at least to unload, even if I have to park somewhere else).

I can run different courses at the same time:

Below is what is covered on each course, as you can see, each day builds on the previous days learning. If you had 10 people who needed training and four needed the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work and six needed the 2 Day REC Outdoor then I would run the two day course and those who only needed the one day course would just attend the first day.

Terms and Conditions click here


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 6 hour course Emergency First Aid at Work +F for Forestry Workers (EFAW+F) 8 hour course REC Outdoor First Aid, 2 days First Aid at Work (3 day) & First Aid at Work Requalification (2 Day)
Principles of first aid Everything which is in the EFAW course plus the below Everything which is in the EFAW course plus the below Everything which is in the EFAW & REC Outdoor 2 Day course plus the below
Roll of a first aider Head injuries Head injuries COSHH
Preventing cross infection Lyme disease Stroke Safety Data Sheets
Communication, help & evacuation Crush injuries Diabetes Substances and mixture regulations
Vital signs Severe chainsaw cuts Anaphylactic shock RIDDOR
Emergency action & safety Ticks Chest injuries Contents of a first aid kit
Airway problems, how to recognise them and manage it Stomach/Abdomen injuries
Safe airway position & casualty care Environmental injuries: Hypothermia, frost nip & Frost bite, hyperthermia
CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) & how to use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) Limb injuries: Bones fractures, muscle & soft tissue damage and Joint problems
How deal with choking head to toe checks
Chest pain, heart attack, collapsing & heart stoppage Pelvis damage
Bleeding, cuts, grazes & bleeds, treating bleeding from open wounds Spinal injuries
Shock, recognition and treatment Moving casualties
Dealing with an unconscious casualty, including seizures Triage
Burns & scalds
Recording incidents & accidents (accident book)
How to book and pay: 

Either ring me on 07738 288 552 or click here to get in touch via email through the contact us page.

I invoice after the course, terms are strictly 28 days.

I look forward to hearing from you, Jonathan Collins.

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