This is how to treat a pregnant lady who is choking

Lots of people know the protocol with how to deal with a choking (non pregnant) adult, but this article explains how to deal with a pregnant lady who is choking.

Choking is an obstruction to the airway and therefore must be treated quickly and efficiently this is the protocol

1. Ask the person if they are choking.

2. Give Back Blows. Give up to 5 blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. 

Back slaps on a choking adult 

3. If the pregnant lady is still choking, give 5 chest thrusts (instead of abdominal thrusts which is what you’d do to a non pregnant adult) . Chest thrusts for a conscious adult are like abdominal thrusts, except for the placement of your hands. For chest thrusts, place your fist against the center of the person’s breastbone. Then grab your fist with your other hand and give quick thrusts into the chest. 

Pregnant lady choking treatment 

 4. If they are still choking repeat step 2 and 3 until the object becomes dislodged and they can breath normally. If they are still choking and loose consciousness call for emergency services and start CPR.  

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