How to make a 999 call with no phone signal or an intermittent phone signal

 As a First Aider you might need to make a call to the emergency services by calling 999, but what if your phone says ‘no service’ or your phone keeps dropping the signal.  There is still a possibility you can make that call and this article tells you how.

 No phone signal

We’ve all been places and it says ‘no service’ at the top of your phone. Even if it says that, you still might be able to make a 999 as your phone will search for any available phone network, for example your phone uses the o2 network, but it’s showing no service but when you dial 999, your phone will use any available network from any provider, this is called piggy backing. So in summary, always try dialling 999 as it might work.

 Intermittent phone signal

 If you have a really intermittent signal where one moment your phone shows it’s on the network, then the next moment no service and even if you try a 999 (as above) the call It keeps cutting you off as there is really poor service for any network there is still an option for you, it’s called ‘Emergency SMS’. With poor phone service where you can’t get a voice call there is still a really chance you’ll get a text message out and you can send that text message to 999, BUT you need to register your phone which is easy. All you need to do it text the word ‘register’ to 999, you’ll receive a reply which you need to read and reply to, then that’s it, you’re good to go, you can now text 999.



 Once you send the word ‘register’ to 999 this is the reply you get.

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